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The Dance is about Love

Love found and love lost. 

Love shared and love unrequited.

Love celebrated and love verboten.

The Dance is about my Love.


The Dance is a deeply personal work of emotive poetry in which the author explores the concept of Love. It is this largely elusive word, overused to the point of cliche, that makes life worth living. It is this transcendent feeling that makes and breaks human relationships. Love drives every other basic human desire; yet, love itself has many facets. Pure love is the strongest benevolent force known to mankind, but love turned in upon itself—unable to be expressed, love that should not exist but cannot be denied—cuts deeper than any sword. Therein lies the tragic irony, therein lies the rub.

The following poems, arranged in reverse chronology, provide an account of one soul's experience with Love, and the prevailing desire to understand, convey, and find peace with and without it.

Praise For The Dance

"Sea Gudinski is a truly talented author whose name deserves to be etched in literary history. Her ability to evoke emotions through her words is unmatched. The Dance is a testament to her gift of storytelling and her profound understanding of the human experience." - Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Review


"A beguiling, frank, moving, and thought-provoking collection of once highly lyrical and bluntly Bukowskian." - Self-Publishing Review


"...a poignant exploration of the soul's evolution through time and personal experiences." - Titan Literary Review

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