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A Collection of Words
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A Collection of Words, a timely work of meta-poetry and short prose by the author of 1969: A Brief and Beautiful Trip Back, offers readers a variety of works assembled from throughout her career. It is a specially curated assortment of writings that inspires curiosity, wonder, and introspection for lovers, dreamers, and thinkers of all ages. From compelling imagery that excites the aesthetics to existential queries that assail all contemplative minds at one time or another, this collection provides examination of an eclectic variety of styles and topics sure to provide a different experience for each reader.

Structured to tell a story of birth, death, and rebirth, the collection examines the esoteric growth of the soul through time and experience, as well as the insufficiency of words to adequately explain the depth and nebulousness of existence.

Praise For A Collection of Words

"Gudinski has a realistic and romantic lens at her disposal, and this gathering of thoughts and musings displays both her deep well of curiosity and dexterity with the written word.”

Self-Publishing Review

"...a complex and satisfying poetic journey that will leave readers with many poignant questions to ponder."

- Readers' Favorite

"...more so than other poetry books, [A Collection of Words] encourages a literary dance between reader and writer. The stage is set for new doors of perception to open as Gudinski examines the reckless joys of music, love, life, and eventually decline and death."

Midwest Book Review

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